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4 Ways Oil Spray Can Help You Clean

Oil spray is an everyday use for mechanics and handy work around the house but did you know that the almighty oil spray can be used to clean? It’s crazy to think that a spray like that can be used for such a thing considering it is full of oil. You’d think that because of its oil content that it would cause more of a mess than it would clean but it is entirely viable.


Sticky Situation

Oil spray can help remove glue from your carpet which is great if you have kids or you were doing a DIY job that ended up going the wrong way. It can also help remove glitter spillages as well which is great for if your kids are doing arts and craft. Just remember with all these to make sure that you also clean the oil spray off as well with a damp sponge because if you leave it to dry it can cause a stain itself.



Dropping a nail polish bottle on the ground is a common mishap, and the last thing that you want is to spill it on the floor. But fear not for if it is a hardwood floor oil spray can help remove it. It’s better than using alcohol or acetone which could damage the timber flooring so make sure you remember this in case you need to fix up a spillage.



Say your kids have gotten into the makeup and that one of them has been playing around with your lipstick. They rub it into the carpet, and now it’s all in their which is a horrible pain to remove. But fear not for oil spray can help, spray it on, wait a few seconds and then use a sponge and warm water to remove it all. Make sure the water has soap in it along with the fact it may take a few goes, but it’s better than some of the other methods people use.


Sneaky Stains

If you play sports or your children do then you have probably run into the horrible grass stains you get on shoes. Especially if you mow the lawn, it can be such a hassle to remove it. Well, Oil Spray can help with that. Use it as a leather cleaner by spraying it into a cloth before wiping down the shoes. Not only will this remove the stain it will also help with protecting the shoes against moisture which is a great bonus.