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microwave cleaning

4 Ways to Simply Clean a Microwave

Microwaves are one of the most amazing pieces of tech when you think about them. Imagine not being able to microwave something as quickly as we do now. The only issue with microwaves is how hard it is to clean them. Have you ever tried trying to scrub one clean just by hand? It’s possibly one of the least enjoyable things to clean in a house. But it’s ok because there are some interesting techniques to make it easier.



Now this one is such a common thing. Vinegar is an acid which means it’s good at removing bacteria which is why it’s suggested so often when it comes to cleaning things. It even works on microwaves which you can’t deny is impressive seeing how ordinary white vinegar is in a household. The trick is to half fill a bowl with water which you add a tablespoon of vinegar to as well. You microwave it for around 5 minutes, and then you clean it. This process helps removes all the hard to remove stains and gunk that gets stuck in there.



Lemons are also acidic which means they are pretty good at the same thing that vinegar does. You cut the lemon in half, place it with about a tablespoon of some H2O in a bowl or on a high lipped plate before microwaving it for nearly a minute. After that you do the same thing as with the Vinegar you wipe it all clean which should be a lot easier now that the lemon has helped remove the clinginess of the stains.


Window Cleaner

Now, this is a bit odd and a little dangerous but also highly effective. Make a mix of solution that is one-part water (warm) and two parts cleaners. Clean the microwave with the solution as you would typically without heating anything up. Make sure that everything is turned off when doing this along with using a sponge. Now after this you need to make sure that you get another sponge and some plain water and rinse the whole thing down. It is essential because you don’t want any chemicals left in there because they can be toxic.


Isn’t This A Microwave?

The last suggestion is to use dishwashing liquid. Fill a bowl with water (preferably warm) add some liquid to it. Microwave for a minute and then clean with a sponge. Make sure that after you do this that you give it a rinse down like the window cleaner because once again the last thing you want to be doing is having leftover chemicals cooked into your food.