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cleaning myths

5 Myths in Cleaning

We always hear about the myths of cleaning. Maybe it’s that a particular household item removes a stain or that something is effective at eliminating bacteria. The question being are they useful or are they just a legend passed down from generation to generation, and we think that it works without questioning it? Well here are some of the ones we know for sure are just not real.


Inked Windows

A common suggestion for cleaning windows is using wet newspaper. It is a horrible idea as it rips easily leaving tiny bits of paper stuck to the window. On top of this, the ink can run and seep onto the very window you are cleaning which ends up just making more of a mess. One of the best methods to use instead is a microfiber cloth.


Not So Super

So, Vinegar can be used to do certain things like remove stains, hell it even kills bacteria. The issue here is that you have to use a robust solution and it doesn’t do it nearly as effective as other products you can buy. Along with this, it can also cause damage to surfaces like stone or wood because of the fact it is acid.


Settling Dust

Lots of people use dusters, some people even swear they are better than using a cloth the clean however this is actually un-true. By a feather duster, we are talking about the ones made of feather-like material rather than microfiber and the simple reason why is because the microfiber most companies use to pick up dust a lot better. It’s unknown why people think that a feather duster is more appropriate than a newer type, but it’s a common myth.


Human Vs Machine

Some people believe that a human is better at cleaning dishes than a dishwasher, but this is entirely untrue. Dishwashers not only was dishes more effectively but also save time, along with actually saving on water. They save around 230 hours you could have been spending doing something else along with the detergent they use is much more potent than anything a human hand could ever handle.


Spray Vs Ink

The fact is that back in the old days it may have been correct because hairspray used to have alcohol in it and as we all know alcohol is pretty effective at removing marks. The recipes have changed now, so the truth has become a myth over time. Nowadays it’s highly unlikely that hairspray would do a better job than a product made for the removal of ink from surfaces.