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cleaning tools

5 Weird Cleaning Tools

Lots of people find it annoying to clean certain things, but it’s not just because they may not like the chore. It’s entirely possible that the tools they are using are just not useful for the job they are using it for. There are however always innovations, some of them though are a little weird and not as conventional as they seem.


Window Helper

So, cleaning windows is rather easy but what about the parts where the window or even sliding door runs across? It’s so hard to get everything out of the nook with ease. However, do not worry as someone invented a cleaning instrument precisely for this purpose. It’s like a mini broom but at just the right angle so you can reach and brush away all the buildup. It does seem like something out of an infomercial though.


Handy Tool

Here is one that has multiple uses, or at least people have used this device for numerous things even if it wasn’t originally designed that way. A business developed a pair of custom gloves that are made for you to dust with. It’s not just a tool for holding a duster, but instead, the gloves themselves are the duster. The point is that anywhere you can touch you can dust. These gloves have also been used for washing cars however you can’t be promised it’s useful as it isn’t what they are made for.


Slippery Shoes

Sure, mopping can be annoying, but you can also make it fun. A company developed shoes that have mop fabric on the bottoms allowing you to mop up with your feet during your mop with a mop. Sounds pretty crazy and a bit silly but let’s be honest as if anyone isn’t going to buy these when they see them. Probably not for the intended natural mop use but more for sliding around on a wet floor for fun.


Blind Duster

Ok who here has always had the issue when dusting the blinds, it’s tough to get in between each one? Everyone, of course, It’s not easy to do the blinds properly, or rather it wasn’t. Luckily there was a device designed to do precisely this. It looks like something straight from an infomercial that has landed in the “as seen on TV” aisle of a department store.


Inside Windows

Cleaning car windows outside is easy but what about the inside? It’s annoying getting passed the steering wheel. Luckily someone invented a tool to get straight past it and is designed in a way that bends to the contour of the main windscreen. Who would have thought of such a simple idea?