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automatic vacuum

Automated Vacuums: An introduction

Robotic Vacuums have been a thing for ages. They were a gimmick at the start with, no real help to people but more to make a quick sale, but the industry has been expanding recently. They have become more popular over time and are now becoming a part of everyday life. Are they beneficial though and how do they even work?


The Growth

So initially these little guys were a gimmick for infomercials but turn out they grew up. They used to be clunky, get stuck and not have any sense of direction however they have moved past that now. They didn’t have much in the way of a sensor other than when they were bumping into things or even know where their charger was. Now though they have a small computer inside them that allows them to know where they are and also make a path to where they need to be.


The Future

Now, these little machines can clean a room fine. The more expensive they are, the more features of course, but they can range in price. Some of the more expensive ones can sweep, brush and vacuum an area all at once. They also have a camera allowing them to know where they are and where they need to be going making sure that no space is left un-cleaned.



So, the limitations of these are interesting, they all have a varied amount of time they can be working, but also, they can’t go up and down stairs so if you have multiple floors you’ll be wanting more than just one. It means it can become pretty expensive for some people. On top of this even though they can clean thoroughly, you will still have to mop your floor and empty the robot itself as we aren’t that far into the future just yet.


Is It for Me?

Well depends on what you are looking for. These little robots are great for single floor houses and can cut down on time, but some people like to do the whole thing in one go. The issue with these robots is that you’d have to do the mopping in between their cycles. Along with this you also have to be wary of the costs if you have more than one floor or a big house, these things can’t just do one giant house they only have a certain distance they have to cover. Along with this sometimes they get confused by hallways still (not all just some), so it’s still kind of emerging technology in the cleaning industry.