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oven cleaner

Top 3 Ways to Clean An Oven

Ovens are massive, they do a lot of work for most people when it comes to cooking, and in doing so, they become one of the dirtiest things to clean. It can take ages to clean an oven properly just due to the way everything can cook to the side of the device. But fear not for there are some ways to help make this a little easier for you.


Bicarbonate Soda is perfect for cleaning and works wonders around the house. But would you believe it cleans Ovens as well? The trick is to heat the oven to a warm temperature before doing this. When you are heating up the stove, make a mix of Bicarb-Soda and water to make a thin paste before thinly coating the walls of the over.

Get a spray bottle of vinegar and spray it on the Bicarb-Soda which will then react. Let it sit for an hour in the oven before cleaning it with a damp cloth. After you do this remember that It will still need another clean, however, it will have helped remove the grease and hard to remove cooked gunk. With this removing the rest should be quite easy.


Gumption is excellent for cleaning rough surfaces, especially in bathrooms but it can also help clean the oven as well. It’s especially good at cleaning the racks where you place trays and other things for the oven to hold and cook. Remember when using gumption only to use small bits at a time but continuously rewash to the cloth and apply more gumption. After you clean the oven with the gumption make sure that you give it a once over with a cloth that only has some water on it to clean away any excess gumption on or in the oven.

In Hot Water

Hot water is an excellent way to remove a lot of things, but it even works on ovens! You want to get a large bowel of water while preheating the oven to its highest setting. Once it’s preheated put the bowl of water into the oven and let it sit there for about 30mins. After you do this, you want to turn the oven off but leave the door shut allowing it to cool naturally. After a while get a damp cloth and start to clean because all the steam in them would have loosened all the grime you are trying to get out.