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carpet cleaning

Top 4 Ways to Remove Stains In Carpet

Carpets are fantastic to have in a house, they are soft on your feet and way comfier than tiles, but they are also a pain to clean if you get a stain on them. They are even worse when say your child spills something and doesn’t tell you until the stain has already set in. So here are some tips for cleaning some nasty stains from a carpet before you ruin what you love.

Carpet Cream

Some people can’t afford to have their carpet cleaned professionally, and that’s ok because it can cost a lot to have someone do it for you. So, the first solution on the list is shaving cream believe it or not. Put some shaving cream on it then wipe it away with a damp sponge this should remove the stain that is in the carpet. It works great on anything oily or greasy as well so remember that in case the stain is from something particularly oily.


This stuff is great for removing ink and all stains, to be honest, but it is a straightforward remedy in case someone has damaged the carpet. Make a mix of milk and corn-starch, so it becomes a sort of past and then put it on the carpet. This one can take a while so make sure to leave it for a few hours then remove it by merely brushing the paste away. Don’t forget to vacuum up the residue or you’ll have a mess down there.


Beer can help remove stains even though it seems like something that would create one. All you do is put a little beer on the stain and rub it as if you were trying to wash it out with a cloth and it should disappear. Note that this may take a few goes as it isn’t as potent as the other homemade fixes, but it does work, even against coffee stains that you may have accidentally caused carrying a cup downstairs to someone.


Salt works well to prevent a stain from happening so this is more of a plan for in case you know something is going to cause a stain. Say you spilt some red wine somehow and you know you need to clean it up before it leaves a stain. Instantly poor some white wine on top (I know silly) to dilute it and then clean the spot with a sponge soaked in cold water. After this leave some salt on the area for 15mins or so and then vacuum it up.